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Are you a teacher, a director of the centre or a manager of organizing the trips of your school? From OUTrip we put at your disposal all our study travel experience to help you organize an unforgettable trip for your students. Our management is comprehensive and we adapt to any need that the study center may need. We like to create from the bottom up, covering the needs of the centers to adapt perfectly to their needs.


The trips are based on the following 4 pillars

levanta la mano
Reunión creativa
Cena familiar


We want you to learn with classes that do not involve a heaviness and, although you will have to study grammar sometimes, the classes will try to be very dynamic and enjoyable.


In fact, they will have a more functional and practical approach. The average in the groups will be 12-13 students per classroom, with a maximum of 15.

Our Teachers

All the schools included in our organization are endorsed in terms of quality by the regulatory institutions of education in each country.

Our teachers are attentive experts in getting the best out of each student.

The teacher's profile we look for is dynamic with a high creativity and that corrects the oral failures when detects them


With qualified Leaders we want to offer the best quality in our activities.


Activities, group dynamics, competition and excursions are the basis of the programs we offer.

We do not understand a course without an organized activities programmed where students continue to use English.


Not all people are equal (fortunately) so in terms of accommodation we strive to adapt to the priorities and needs of each student.



There are students who prefer to live in a residence with other students, and there are also students who prefer to live the experience from within a local family.

Hastings college sussex
HASTINGS - United Kingdom

Hastings College is an institution with experience in academic courses in England for ages between 10 - Over 18 years.

In this town there are no great distances and everything is very close at hand. This makes the day-to-day life of the students of English courses for young people and adults in Hastings very comfortable and enjoyable.

Junior |Short Stay                                   Adults | Long Stay
HostFamilies: 10 a 18 años                      HostFamilies: Up to 18 years old
Course: 15/25 clases                                 Course : 15/25 classes

kilkenny college
KILKENNY COLLEGE Junniors- Ireland

Kilkenny College is a private center where we teach the academic courses in Ireland for ages between 11 and 16 years.

The city is famous for its many medieval buildings and is known as "The city of marble" 

Junior | Short Stay                      

HostFamilies: 12 a 16 years old

Resideence: 11 a 16 years old

Course: 15 horas / weeks             

Great activity programmed         

broadstairs inglaterra
BROADSTAIRS Junniors- United Kingdom

Broadstairs Center is a complex where we teach the academic courses in England for ages between 10 and 17 years. Open since 2014 and with enviable facilities, it is located in the city that bears his name.

The name of Broadstairs (literally "wide stairs") comes from an old flight of stairs that went from the beach, by the cliff.

Junior | Short Stay                                 Adults | Long Stay and Short Stay

HostFamilies: 13 a 16  years old              HF: over 18 years old

Residence  11 a 16 años                           Residence: N/A

Course: 15 classes/ week                         Course: 25 classes /week 

Great activity programme                        Excrusions on weekends

Campamento en el campo
MADRID Juniors- España

Es mucho más que un campamento de inglés, es una experiencia pensada para vivir el inglés de la forma más intensiva posible, ganar seguridad, y en definitiva para que pongan en práctica el inglés que estudian durante el año escolar.

Durante el curso os ofrecemos la posibilidad de que los alumnos disfruten de un programa de 5 o 7 días en el que practiquen y aprendan inglés de una manera más práctica en un ambiente lúdico durante 12 horas de inglés diarias.

Junior | Estancia Escolar                     

Residencia 10 a 16 años                         

Curso de: 15 horas / diarias

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