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Pre-arrival Information

Welcome to OUTrip Languages

We are very excited that you have chosen our organisaiton and are happy to welcome you to England or Irleand. Our aim is to provide you with a safe, fun, friendly environment where you can practise your English language skills and discover England. Here, you can experience at first hand, some of the UK’s and Ireland's wonderful cultural heritage.

1. what to bring

You must travel with your Programme Confirmation letter from Outrip. If you are under 18 you must travel with a Parental Consent Form, which must be completed by your parent/guardian. 

Clothing and living

It is difficult to judge what is needed and what is not when you go abroad. Take a look at the essentials
below to bring with you for your trip. The weather in England can be unpredictable. It can be hot and sunny, but it may also rain so please bring clothes for all types of weather including a light waterproof jacket. We provide all bedding.


• Casual, comfortable, everyday
clothes such as jeans, t-shirts,
• Swimwear
• Sports clothes and sports shoes
• Comfortable shoes and some older
shoes that can get wet and dirty

• Towels
• Shower gel, toothbrush and
• Electrical adaptor for, mobile phone
charger, etc. (you can buy it at the
airport, the voltage in England is

2. accommodation

• If you go out in the evenings on a none OUTrip activity, always tell the residence staff or host
family where you are going and what time you will be back
• Talk to other students at the residence – this is the best way to practise your English
• Respect house rules and meal times; if you think you will be late for a meal, please inform the residence or host family as soon as possible
• Always be polite and friendly
• Don’t be nervous about asking for their help.

3. your room

• Your room and bed sheets are cleaned by the residence, but you must keep your bedroom tidy and make your bed each morning. This helps the cleaning staff to clean your room. If your room is messy, they can’t hoover and clean as
they will not touch your things in the bedroom. Help them by putting your things from the floor onto the bed and it will help the cleaning staff to keep your room clean.
• Do not put up posters in your room; it can damage the paint/wallpaper

• Please be careful with nail varnish, shoe polish and anything that could stain
• Remember if you break or damage anything, you must tell your residence and you may need to pay for a repair!
• Please do not keep your bedroom light on all night
• If you feel cold, just ask the residence for another blanket

4. bath and showers

You will share the bathroom with other students in your room or you will share a bathroom with other students and/or family members if you are staying with host families. You can take as many showers as you would like, but please think of the other students in the room. Make sure you leave the bathroom clean and tidy after you have used it. You must provide your own toiletries,such as shampoo and soap. Please ask the residence staff to explain how the shower, etc. works if you are not sure.

5. water/laundry

Residence: We can arrange laundry for an additional fee (approximately £3).
Host family: The host will wash your clothes once a week.

6. money & valuables

Never carry large amounts of money on you and don’t leave valuables or money in your room. Your homestay cannot be held responsible for it. Always remember never to leave your bag or valuables unattended in public places or buildings.

7. manners

If you are going to be late, please inform your host. Please do not make too much noise, especially
late at night.

8 Transport and safety

• Always cross main roads at a pedestrian crossing and wait for the green light! On other roads look right, look left, and look right again; when you are sure the road is clear, you can cross
• Remember: in England people drive on the left side of the road
• Do not walk alone at night: walk with your friends or share a taxi to get home
• If you have any problem, the best thing to do is to walk into a shop and ask the people who work there for help. They can also call our emergency contact number for you

9. problems

If you have any problems with your room, the house or your family try to speak to your host about it – they will try to help you. Alternatively, the school is also happy to help with any problem, big or small, so do not hesitate to go and talk to us. Most situations can be solved with a little patience, good humour and understanding!

We hope you enjoy your time in an English homestay. Make the most of it and do not be afraid to speak, eat and live English!

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