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Our commitments, your safest bet!

Our commitments, your safest bet! Yes, we are a small organization, however we are committed to limiting the impact of our activities on two fundamental axes:

Reduce greenhouse emissions

We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint progressively in all areas of the company.


We will initially consider reducing, and then be able to compensate positively with actions that generate a positive balance.


we will always use our own resources and reinvest part of the benefits.

Awareness through our activities

We commit ourselves to transmit to all our students and families a clear message about the actions that must be taken to achieve the objective of reducing our emissions.


We look for a multiplier effect, when our student returns home, he will encourage those actions, hence the parents, and these at work ...


That being the case, UNSTOPPABLE!

Los pasajeros de autobuses
Niños limpiando la playa
Equipo con el gráfico


No control, no knowledge

1- Measure our carbon footprint through the standard of the Ministry of Ecological Transition of the Government of Spain.

2- Establish quick actions against the use of paper.

3- Create an awareness program.

Niños en granja de vegetales


Rising Awareness

1- Apply the mitigation measures that come out of the carbon footprint study.

2- Financially structure a reinvestment field in ESG for the year 2021-2023.

Granja vegetal orgánica



1- Comply with 50% of the ESG budget in compensation measures.

2- To propose the strategy of adhesion to platforms and organizations against climate change.

97,86 tn eq CO2  


Mitigation projects 

UK Tree Planting
The project mainly plants in school locations, helping to educate children and support wildlife habitats whilst sequestering carbon emissions.
Global Portfolio
Certified carbon reduction programmes that include carbon avoidance, clean and renewable energy generation.

60 %


52% flights

8% terrestrial


secondary consume

18% AC/heating




 8 % recycled

If you want to make a different and responsible gift with the environment, give a tree, starting at € 10. We will buy the tree and our students will plant it in the different workshops that we have in both England and Ireland.


Of course, we invite you to the tree planting event: It will take place on July 15th , 2020 in Blackrock, Dublin. At 3 pm. If you could not come, we will send you an email with the video of the event.


1 árbol


Nuestros alumnos lo plantarán en el año del pago, y nuestros alumnos futuros lo cuidarán hasta los 3 años.


10 €

Final day of primary school immersion .j

5 árboles


Nuestros alumnos lo plantarán en el año del pago, y nuestros alumnos futuros lo cuidarán hasta los 3 años.


35 €

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